Lost is the word best used to describe what I feel at the moment. Where am I really, on this whirling dirvish that is spinning aimlessly in the confines of space? Insignificant in the grand scheme of things; this is what I am. Yet we're all told we are special. We are told that we each have our own special talents that contribute to the betterment of mankind. But really, what's the truth and matter of fact for all of this?

Materialistic goods satisfy oneself for a microsecond, and then the eyes wonder to the next thing that glimmers in the distance, so we selfishly gravitate towards this beacon until it becomes ours. After a short while, boredom sets in, and then we're off to the races again, searching like we're on some rendition of a crusade in the search of the holy grail. A meaningless journey if I dare to say so myself. 

Is the soul the only thing in the universe that is infinite and undying? All else seem to fade away to dust, forgotten like a discarded childhood toy. Is this soul me? Is this dust also me? So many damn questions with so many damn answers, yet I am still not satisfied.

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